Willy González Trio: La Saladita

I love hearing music from around the world, especially when it features the bass. Here’s a fantastic clip of Argentinian bassist Willy González and his Trio performing “La Saladita” from their latest album, Tamocomoqueremo.

González, who started as a jazz musician, has been reimagining traditional Latin American styles on his six-string bass. “La Saladita” is in the vein of Cueca, a musical style associated with dances from Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. Check out how the bassist lays a huge foundation for the band by strumming low notes for a thick, percussive roar before taking the lead melodic lines.

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  1. Stivi


  2. Mike Matthews

    Nice folky style of music. Love the fact that Willy is playing those melodies. Very nice piece – I dig!

  3. Gambi