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Barefaced Audio Introduces the Retro Two10 Bass Cabinet

Barefaced Audio has introduced the Retro Two10, a 2×10″ bass cabinet that the company says puts out the vibe and power of a sealed 4×10″. Weighing in at 30 pounds, the cab is loaded with a pair of 10CR250 drivers for a vintage tone and power handling up to 400 watts.

Barefaced Audio Retro Two10 Bass Cabinets (stacked)

“We’re excited that the new Two10 is, in many ways, like an updated version of our original Compact 1×15″,” Barefaced founder Alex Claber explains. “Despite using smaller speakers the new Two10 has a bigger, mellower tone in the lows and mids but with added treble presence and dispersion from the lighter cones and a more flattering character thanks to the classic ceramic magnets.”

The Barefaced Audio Retro Two10 comes in 12 or 4 ohm versions and can be ordered with a silver cloth grill as an upgrade. It’s available for order now with a direct price starting at $669.

Barefaced Audio Retro Two10 Bass Cabinet Specs:

Dimensions:15″ high x 24″ wide x 13″ deep
Weight:31 pounds with Steel Grill, 28 pounds with Silver Cloth Grill
Broadband Sensitivity:98dB
Frequency Range:30Hz to 6kHz
Recommended Amp Power:100-400W RMS
Maximum Output:~124 dB
Impedance:12 or 4 Ohms
Built in:UK

For more information:
Barefaced Audio

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