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Eden Amplification Introduces MicroTour Mini Bass Amp

After releasing their World Pro Tour Series, Eden has taken a different approach with the introduction of the MicroTour Mini Bass Amp. The compact amp, which is shaped like the company’s full stack, stands 12 inches high and weighs in at 2.5 pounds.

Eden MicroTour Mini Bass Amp (featured)

Eden explains that the MicroTour was designed to bring Eden tone to a “surprisingly loud” 2-watt amplifier. It has a simple interface with volume and tone controls as well as a headphone output for silent practice.

The Eden MicroTour Mini Bass Amp runs on either eight AA batteries or an Eden 15V power supply (not included). It’s available soon with a street price of $59.99.

Eden MicroTour Mini Bass Amp Specs:

Dimensions:H- 12″, W- 5.3″, D- 3.7″
Additional Features:Headphone out for silent practice
Power:8AA batteries or 15V Eden power Supply (not included)

For more information:
Eden Amplification

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that bass guy

that bass guy

I use a Philips iPod dock for a practice amp, with a guitar 1/4″ plug going into a miniplug adapter. The bass is surprisingly good, and it’s plenty loud and you can still use it for the iPod. And it comes with a 9v adapter. The miniplug adapter is stereo, but if you don’t plug it in all the way it works fine.



Which Philips docking station? I’ve once plugged my bass to a some kind of iPod/iPhone speaker, when it start to sound like fart…


    The Eden Micro tour has been specifically designed for bass as a practice amplifier

    that bass guy

    that bass guy

    Not sure the model. I have two different ones both sold at walmart. One is shaped like a squashed donut and fits in a backpack. The other one is basically rectangular maybe 5″ x 12″ – it sounds better than the donut and is a little louder. I should mention I am playing an active bass through it, so if you’re getting a “fart” out of it, might want to dial back on the active part. Both of these speakers sound very good “live” and run on batteries as well. Both of these were in the 50 -60 USD range when purchased a couple of years ago.

Ross Harmon

Is it powered by 2 or 8 AA batteries?



Intrigued, I wonder how it sounds!

Il Corriere Jimmy

how can i buy it? i live in Rome.