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Bass of the Week: Bilodeau Basses #010

Bass #010 is a landmark instrument for Bilodeau Basses. Completed in 2011, the intricately designed bass was the culmination of years of work and the last before luthier Mathieu Bilodeau took a break from building to focus on his family.

Bilodeau Basses #010 Bass

“I managed to complete his instrument in fall 2011 which represent the last bass before my break,” Bilodeau explains. “A couple of months ago, I restarted this passion. [My] kids are older, we have a new home and a new workshop. I also took time to look back at my work and rethink some way of doing it. So basically, bass #010 represent the end of era.”

Bass #010 was commissioned by a French bassist who wanted specs similar to Les Claypool’s style. As such it has a 32-inch scale and is fitted with an EMG 35DC, an EMG BTC Control preamp, and an incredible assortment of exotic woods.

“The body is made of three main layers, like an oreo cookie: top, center and back,” Bilodeau writes. “Its top is made of bloodwood on both sides and Macassar ebony in the middle, the center is black walnut, and the back is again bloodwood on both sides with a middle collage of lacewood and Macassar ebony.” Finally, thin stripes of maple and walnut are used to separate the three main pieces.

Other features include a quarter sawn maple neck topped by a Macassar ebony fingerboard, Hipshot Ultralight tuners, and a Schaller bridge.

For more information, check out Bilodeau’s website.

Bilodeau Basses #010 Photos:

Bilodeau Basses #010 Specs:

Construction:Set Neck
Body:Black Walnut, Bloodwood, Lacewood, Macassar Ebony, Maple, Walnut
Top:Bloodwood, Macassar Ebony
Neck:Quarter Sawn Maple
Fingerboard:Macassar Ebony
Position Markers:Turquoise Side Dots
Pickup:EMG 35DC
Preamp:EMG BTC Control
Tuners:Hipshot Ultralight