Pino Palladino Transcription Book Released

Pino Palladino - Bass Transcriptions (w/ bass Tabs) - Classic Fretless TracksIt’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know or love superstar sideman Pino Palladino’s bass lines, knowingly or unknowingly.

Pino Palladino – Bass Transcriptions (w/ bass Tabs) – Classic Fretless Tracks, from, covers a handful of the songs for which Palladino — who has worked with Tears for Fears, Paul Young, Paul McCartney, Don Henley, Jeff Beck, The Who and more — is famed.

The 71-page book includes standard notation and TAB transcriptions for:

  1. Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home)
  2. Murder (with bass solo)
  3. I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down
  4. Everytime You Go Away
  5. Give Blood
  6. Lady in Red
  7. New York Minute
  8. I Wish It Would Rain Down
  9. Do You Remember?
  10. Who Did You Think I Was?

The book is available at

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  1. Petey

    He’s definitely underrated. I love his work with Paul Young. That fretless bass line on “every time you go away” gives me goosebumps to this very day! And that fretless he did on Oleta Adams’ “get here” and Phil Collins’ “do you remember” Don Henley and his funky bass work with D’Angelo & the Roots, my god, so many other artists. He prove to me fretless can be play in just about ANY style of music, not just fusion/jazz. It’s all about melody and creativity. He definitely created some beautiful, melodic lines.?

    • freek

      Pino Palladino is definitely not underrated but a highly celebrated first call bassplayer

  2. Keptin

    His bass lines, and grooves, whilst playing with Nine Inch Nails on the Tension tour (2014) are just beautiful, if you’ve not head it, NiN has the full set on youtube/vevo

  3. Marco

    I hope they continue the Pino Palladino Transcription series with tracks where he played with his Fender P Bass.
    Love the fretless songs but his other stuff is awsome, too.

    • Petey

      That’s true Marco, I remember his work on D’Angelo’s Voodoo Album where he play his P-bass. Very funky @ best! Kinda’ reminded me of James Jamerson on steroids. I guess he was so well known for his fretless work, we FORGOT he can play fretted as well.?