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Bass of the Week: Martin Keith Guitars Elfin Hollowbody

Martin Keith took on the singlecut body design with his Elfin model, and this week we take a look at its hollowbody version. The five-string bass is built entirely like an acoustic instrument with functionality for electric players.

The Elfin’s body, which measures 14 inches wide and 3 inches deep, is built with maple sides and back and a braced Sitka spruce top. Maple binding highlights the bass’s dark finish, while an ebony fingerboard and bridge provide further accent for the smoky aesthetic.

The bass includes a pickup system with a magnetic pickup in the neck position mounted in an ebony cover as well as a piezo pickup in the bridge.

Martin Keith Guitars Elfin Hollowbody Bass Specs:

Body:Bent Maple Sides, Braced Maple Back, Braced Sitka Spruce Top
Pickups:Magnetic Pickup, Piezo Bridge Pickup

For more information, check out the Martin Keith Guitars website.