Hamilton Stands Announces Guitar Stands and Racks

Hamilton Stands has launched a new set of products for owners of multiple instruments including a double guitar stand, a triple guitar stand, a three place rack, and a five place rack. All of the new models feature steel construction finished in a “stage-friendly” black with rubber composite material on contact points to prevent dings and scratches.

Hamilton Stands

Both the KB420G Double Guitar Stand and KB430G Triple Guitar Stand are designed as traditional cradle-rest stands with a base to keep them balanced. They each fold up for portability, though the Triple Guitar stand adds a handle at the top to carry while its loaded with instruments.

The racks also fold up for storage. Each has adjustable rubber “hands” to cradle the instrument’s neck. The cradle rails can also be narrowed and the neck rest rail can be lowered to fit smaller instruments, as well.

The Hamilton Stands KB420G Double Guitar Stand and KB430G Triple Guitar Stand will be available with prices of $30 and $46. The KB5300G Stage PRO 3-Place Guitar Rack and KB5500G Stage PRO 5-Place Guitar Rack are expected to ship in January with target prices of $79 and $109, respectively.

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