Michel Falcão: Bach’s Sonata No. 1 in G Minor

Transferring Johann Sebastian Bach’s music to the electric bass is always an interesting feat. Here’s an outstanding clip of Michel Falcão pulling out all the stops on the composer’s Sonata No. 1 in G Minor.

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  1. Tab available? I would love to learn this one to improve my playing.

    • Michel Falcão

      Hello Chad! There is a transcript in the book “Bach for bass”. But she’s a little different from the original. I transcribed the version “Itzhak Perlman – Album Bach – Solo Violin Sonatas.”

  2. Love these classical pieces translated to bass. Nice job!

  3. Not sure if I’m more impressed with his skill or his memory. :)

  4. Mike Matthews

    Very, very nice. Bach’s music is so bass friendly and just down right cool. As is Michel’s performance – job well done!!!

  5. that one is in the Mel Bay Bach for Bass book. Great finger exercises and he ^ plays it well

    • Fred Templeton

      Hi Che thank you for your comment. By chance can you tell me where a burgeoning student of classical bass could find this Mel Bay book you spoke of? Many thanks!
      Fred T.

  6. Steevo

    Amazing chops and memory on show there. Five stars!

  7. Mike Sorr

    In under three minutes this guy just played more notes than I’ve played in 30 years.

  8. Very impressive!!

  9. Michel Falcão

    Thanks for all the comments, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Cheers

  10. Whew.. i can breathe now…

  11. mojobass

    Really nice work,Michel….Way to fly ! BASS ON??