Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals: “Steal My Kisses” Live at Red Rocks

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals took the stage at Morrison, Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre in September, and the reunited group brought out a special guest for one of their tunes.

“It’s amazing when you can find your way as an adult to creatively collaborate with your parent,” Harper said. “So without further ado, Jeremy Nelson.”

Jeremy is the son of bassist Juan Nelson. He adds his beat boxing skills to the tune that features his dad in a big way, “Steal My Kisses.”

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  1. Garrett

    Juan Nelson everybody. Definitely one of my favorite bassists of all time.

  2. what is that, a Carvin?

  3. Mike Matthews

    Not sure if it’s the Carvin (or Kiesel) or the GK in the corner; but Juan’s tone is KILLER. He has such a deep pocket. My favorite song by The Innocent Criminals. Good Stuff !!!

  4. Really a nice flowing groove by Juan Nelson…..Great feel ??