Remco Hendrix: Funky Fretless Bass Grooves with Double Stops

Remco Hendrix has lots of raw talent with a style that blends influences like Les Claypool and Mick Karn. Here’s a great clip of a funky fretless groove he built with double stops, harmonics and a Boss OC-2 octave pedal.

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  1. I will never cease to be amazed by Remco’s playing. Everything he plays sounds ‘fun’ :)

  2. Andy Brown

    Wow. Just Wow.

  3. What bass is this? It sounds amazing. Remco too hehe!

    • Sheldon

      Fender japonês com escala recoberta por cianoacrilato (cola superbonder). O Remco já falou sobre isso na descrição de algum daqueles vídeos do Youtube.

  4. Bob DeRosa

    Some solo playing really bores me, but there’s nothing boring about this. Very nice!

  5. Thomas Haile

    So now I have to burn my bass. Damn that was sweet.

  6. All I can say is WOW!

  7. Damn…buddy! As I was being mesmerized by this amazing bass ability, (and four strings to boot), I kept looking at that shiny fretboard. That looks like my 1974 fender Jazz. Stock Fender pick-ups, cream colored with the pick-guard removed. But damn… that fretboard looks custom made. Quite a few coats of clear went onto that masterpiece. Simply maxed on the WOW scale…off the chain!

  8. Oh thank God, finally someone not doing a cover of Get Lucky!

  9. Ian Woff

    Damn – that’s good!

  10. I love it, absolutely fantastic !

  11. Doc.Hoc.

    Seems Remco style bass playing could be used in movies , different parts that require this type sound. Something good could be done with his style other than just solos.

  12. Rue

    Wow! Makes it sound magical and look effortless! Amazing!!!

  13. Sheldon

    He is the best bass player I´ve seen in a about 5 years.

  14. mojobass

    Really great little groove with stellar slides, Remco??

  15. Im impressed with that guitar he made!!! Funky sound!!

  16. Wow. That is incredible.

  17. Alwin

    Frustrating to see as a beginner that all what is told during lessons on raking and alternating right hand technique is simply thrown in the bin with one vedio !! GREAT !!!

    • Doc.Hoc.

      Remco has a special style I’ve never seen or heard before,he practiced many hours to form this style bass playing, he deserves more attention.
      This particular type bass playing sounds like music after bad ass action movie. Something good could be done with this style bass playing other than videos on u-tube.
      My thoughts for what its worth !!!

  18. Wow. Just Wow. I had not heard of this gentleman prior to seeing this video. I had experimented with this finger picking style in the past, but set it aside, thinking it couldn’t support the foundation during live use, but now that I’ve seen this….Thank You, Remco!!