Maddie Jay & The pH Collective: No Going Back

Maddie Jay has released her second track with the The pH Collective – one she describes as “some good ol’ fashioned new age acid jazz.”

The tune is “No Going Back,” which was written by Maddie with arrangements by the band.

This one grooves.

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  1. Excelent Congratulations…..Nice vibe!

  2. Mark S B.

    Very nicely played , nice roller-skates , I mean video.

  3. Mike Matthews

    Cool vibe and good bass tone. I dig!!!

  4. wow. nice. i can say more but i’ll keep it at that.

  5. Rich

    Nice groove! What bass amp did you use?

  6. ivywatsonn

    So groovy. Probably the best acid jazz i’ve ever heard! I also dig.

  7. DAvid

    Nice! Groove was on. I think I am going to have to check more of your work.

    • Hey David! You can check out the rest of my youtube channel and like my artist page to stay up to date on all the releases we will be doing soon! :)

  8. Michael Bowman

    Not impressed. The bass was drowned out and had not solo like the lead guitar, piano and drums had. The ladies sounded good.

  9. Fred

    Very cool ? The vibe is awesome. Bass is deep and funky!

  10. Kleuber

    This is awesome! Great song… Great bass lines!!!

  11. Both sweet and unsettling, gorgeous…

  12. Mark S B.

    Maddie what kind of bass is being used, I recognize the headstock but cant place the brand.

  13. Mark S B.

    Maddie I watched your other video here on ‘No Treble’ and I think your Fender J. bass sounds better or its just me liking the Fender growl.
    I have one and like it a munch or bunch.

  14. Dan MacLerran

    Nice Job — cool sound! — I’m looking forward to your upcoming album – All 3 songs I’ve heard so far are awesome! — Great Job Maddie J and the gang!.