Marcus Miller “Renaissance” Transcriptions Available

Marcus Miller – Highlights from RenaissanceIf you’ve been aching to play some tracks from Marcus Miller’s 2012 album Renaissance, Stuart Clayton’s Bassline Publishing has just released the book Marcus Miller – Highlights from Renaissance.

The 106-page book collects five pieces from the album, including “Detroit,” “Jekyll & Hyde” and “Cee-Tee-Eye,” with transcriptions written in standard notation and tablature. Extensive performance notes are featured as well, and the book boasts a biography of Miller that analyzes his playing style and delves into the instruments he uses.

The book is available at Bassline Publishing.

Marcus Miller – Highlights from Renaissance Song List:

  1. Detroit
  2. Redemption
  3. Jekyll & Hyde
  4. Revelation
  5. Cee-Tee-Eye

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