Bass of the Week: Ploughman Guitars Fanned Fret Bass

This week we’re checking out a fanned fret design by Ploughman Guitars in Serbia. Luthier Radovan Jovicic built the bass with a multi-scale ranging from 33 inches to 35 inches.

It’s built with neck-through construction featuring a maple and mahogany neck and wenge fingerboard with mahogany binding. The body wings are a sandwich of mahogany, white ash, and heat treated ash, while the headstock, pot knobs, control cavity and truss rod covers are made from Madagascar rosewood veneer.

Jovicic fitted the bass with a passive EMG P/J pickup configuration with DiMarzio pots, which he says give the bass a bright and sharp tone.

Ploughman Guitars Fanned Fret Bass Specs:

Body Wings:Mahogany, White Ash and Heat Treated Ash
Neck:Maple, Mahogany
Pickups:EMG P/J
Finish:Matte Nitro Cellulose

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  1. Big Al

    Very nice bass.
    What the cost 4 one of these babies?

  2. Nesquick

    Well Al, funny thing is i cannot find shite online about him. Don’t know many people with that kinda money so probably that’s why I never payed attention to these (I am Serbian) but they shouldnt cost you more that a few grand tops. We are a third world country and cheap labour. That being said, I have seen something of similar shape that I was told was custom but not by whom it was made. Depending on woods I would say upwards of 2500 euro , but you could probably buy 2 guitars for that much here. :) That is why living here rules – cheap everything

  3. Stanley

    Yes I can’t find anything about the basses or the luthier. Frustrating but as Nesquick implies systems and a living are chancy in such countries.

  4. Bogaz

    As Radovan said when I asked him, that one cost between 900 and 1000 euros, if I’m not wrong.