Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2016 Announces Inductees

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced their 2016 inductees, but who actually gets in? The artists being honored this year include Cheap Trick, Chicago, Deep Purple, Steve Miller, and N.W.A., but several current musicians associated with the acts will be excluded.

2016 Rock And Roll Hall of Fame

Deep Purple first three lineups will be represented and will be bringing two bassists into the hall, including current bassist Roger Glover and Mark III bassist Glenn Hughes. Co-founding bassist Nick Simper is not named on the list of band inductees. Singer Ian Gillan, however, is also disappointed at the RRHOF’s decision to exclude guitarist Steve Morse (a member since 1994), and keyboardist Don Airey from the celebration.

Chicago has similar feelings about their induction. While original member Peter Cetera will be among the inductees, current bassist Jason Scheff will not be recognized for his efforts. Scheff replaced Cetera in 1985 and has been with the group for the past 30 years. “All those guys definitely had something to do with our success and longevity, and they are definitely worthy of being inducted,” Loughnane told Billboard about current members not being inducted. “Maybe there will be a time when that happens as well. I hope there is.” Cetera is expected to make an announcement about his participation in the induction ceremony in the first week of January.

Cheap Trick’s Tom Petersson will be represented in the Hall as an original member of the band. “We can’t thank the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame enough for honoring Cheap Trick. Thanks to all the fans who have supported us for all these years and to the Hall of Fame members who cast their votes. We are excited and honored,” the bassist said on the band’s website. The band has announced their next album with a projected release date in April.

Steve Miller is being inducted as a lone artist, despite his band’s contributions. Miller acknowledged the situation in an interview with Billboard. “It’s pretty much been my band, my music, my vision of what’s going on, so I don’t feel bad about the band,” he said. “But at the same time I couldn’t have done any of this without all of these guys and all these people I’ve worked with. But there’s been a lot of people over the last 50 years, so I think this probably makes more sense.”

N.W.A.’s induction will include Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, MC Ren, DJ Yella, and Eazy E. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2016 induction ceremony will be held April 8th at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

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  1. Peter Beulke

    To give you whole life to playing in these bands and not be inducted is pure snobbery. These guys would be so dissapointed.

  2. Mark S B.

    For RRHOF to exclude any band member past or present doesn’t surprise me.
    Grand Funk Railroad never where inducted , ridiculous.
    Yet the Beastie Boys where inducted in 2012.
    This is the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame , correct.

  3. Mike Matthews

    I’m more shocked and dumbfounded to know Cheap Trick isn’t all ready IN the RnRHOF. Cheap Trick IS rock n’ roll.

  4. Luis Echeverria

    Let’s not forget that the Rock Hall is also excluding Bill Champlin from Chicago’s induction!! He deserves to be inducted since he helped keep Chicago alive after Terry Kath’s death and after Donnie Daucus didn’t work out. Plus, he sang lead on the hits “Hard Habit To Break”, “Look Away”, and “I Don’t Wanna Live Without Your Love”.

  5. Bazzbass

    I’m shocked !

    Shocked that tanyone cares who the RRHOF think are worthy of their award.

    The list of great bands NOT in the HoF outnumber the legit inductees.

    Like I need some bunch of nobodies to tell me which bands are great !