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Reader Spotlight: Dean Milano

Dean Milano

Meet Dean Milano, a long-time bassist with a ton of gigs under his belt. We loved his story, and his 1966 Fender Precision gave us some serious GAS.

Here’s Dean’s story…


I’ve played bass at one time or another in probably 75 bands over a 50 year long career that encompasses my love of rock and roll, folk music, country and western, bluegrass, jazz, Cajun music, showtunes and every other type of music I heard along the way. And I discovered early on – it’s all about the bass.


Elmhurst, Il.

Day gig:


Years experience:

50 years

Bands & Gigs:

I’m a jobber and play with any band that calls me, but I also put my own bands together when I get an itch to play the front man and do my own tunes.


  • 1966 Fender Precision bass which has been modified with additional EMG pickups.
  • 1920s German double bass
  • Gallien Kruger amp
  • Hartke Systems cabinets

Why I play the bass:

Listening to jukeboxes back in the 1950s when my family would stop at various roadhouses on our way up to northern Wisconsin. I always connected with the big booming bass coming out of those old Wurlitzer boxes.

My bass superpower/claim to fame

I’ve got a good ear and I can hear chord changes before they happen, even in songs I’ve never heard or played before.

My influences

Rick Danko, John Entwistle, Phil Lesh, etc.

More on the web:

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