Reader Spotlight: Simone Croes

Simone Croes

Meet Simone Croes, a bassist from Holland who tells us she holds the distinction of being the first female bass guitarist to graduate from the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Simone is busy working on her debut album now. Here’s her story…


I’m a bass guitar player from Amsterdam, Europe. I’ve played in several bands and worked as a session bass player over the years with many well known artists from Holland. I’ve toured in Africa and the Caribbean with African and Salsa bands because I found their intuitive aproach of music a good follow up from the Conservatory of Amsterdam, where I graduated as the very first female bass guitarist.


Near Amsterdam, Holland in Europe

Day gig:

Besides playing bass I teach children bass guitar and I teach/produce 3 popbands with children. Here’s a video:

Years experience:

32 years!

Bands & Gigs:

In the second half of this year [2016], I will release my debut CD with 10 original songs, with my own band. We have several gigs planned.

The music style is fusion, so mostly instrumental music with some rap, spoken word and pop influences.


  • Aurora amp from Mark Vanderkley
  • 2x 2x 10″ Vanderkley speaker cabinets MNT
  • 2x 1x 12″ Vanderkley speaker cabinets MNT
  • Fender Relic ’64 Jazz bass custom shop from 2008
  • Fender ’77 jazz bass Maple neck
  • Music Man Stingray from ’98
  • Ampeg octaver (sub blaster)
  • MXR octaver
  • Aphex Bass Xciter
  • Boss RC 300 loop station
  • PC with Cubase

Why I play the bass:

I fell totaly in love with the sound and the feel of the instrument!

My bass superpower/claim to fame:

My thick fat groove (Chuck Rainey and Victor Wooten think so too, they were my teachers at Warwick Basscamp in Germany) and my heartfelt and touching solos.

My individual sound, you can always hear it’s me playing.

My influences:

All my teachers, which are too many to mention!!

The bass players that influenced me the most are: Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller Stanley Clarke.

Also Bobby Valentin, Several South African bass players like Herbie Tsoaeli (bassist with Suthukazi Arosi whom I toured with).

Carol Kaye was a great inpiration.

Who inspired me the most of the non-bass players: Sheila E

Last but not least: the co-producer of my CD, bassist Jay-Tee Teterissa, who inspired me to find my sound.

Teaser Video for Upcoming Album:

My music will be for sale later this year!

More on the web:

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