QRATES Aims to Get Your Indie Vinyl Into Stores


You’re a musician and you love LP records. You’d love to press your music to vinyl to enjoy and for the world at large to hear. But even with the resurgence of vinyl, how do you begin pressing your music to vinyl discs, particularly on a small scale?

The platform QRATES aims to answer that question. QRATES is a service which provides funding and pre-sale systems that allow you to collect pressing costs before manufacturing of your records ever begins. If you’d rather not do that, you can also press your records first and then sell them. With either option, you only need to have 100 records pressed to begin.

The firm has also launched a Store Delivery option, in which stores can order and sell copies of QRATES-pressed records by artists who have opted to allow store delivery of their work. The Store Delivery service started earlier this year in Europe and Japan and is slated to expand this year.

“Our business is built on the belief that every artist should be able to put out vinyl if they wish, regardless of whether they have access to the expertise and contacts of a big label or not. Store Delivery takes this a step further by opening up the door for anyone, artist or label, to offer their vinyl records to stores worldwide. What’s more full control and profits go directly into the artists and labels hands,” said QRATES COO Greg Gouty.

If you’re not only into vinyl, you can sell your work digitally through QRATES as well. See what you think of the firm’s setup by heading over to QRATES.

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