Barefaced Audio Introduces Four10 Bass Cabinet

Barefaced Audio Four10 Bass CabinetBarefaced Audio has added a 4×10? bass cabinet to their lineup, aptly named the Four10. Rated at up to 1000 watts, the company says their take on the classic speaker configuration ups the game with their custom drivers and Hybrid Resonator enclosure design.

“The characteristics of most 10″ speakers require a smaller sealed cab or a very large ported cab,” says Barefaced’s Alex Claber. “The problem with sealed 410s is the lows tend to sound thin whilst most ported examples are smaller than ideal, causing unwanted boom and a lack of sonic depth. Our Hybrid Resonator allows us to keep the cab size right down whilst achieving a bass tone that is both fat and tight.”

Similar to their other 10-inch configurations, the Barefaced Four10 is loaded with their 10CR250 driver, which they describe as tonally warmer with less honk. The driver also has unusually high volume displacement to produce bigger lows without “farting out,” they shared.

The Barefaced Audio Four10 bass cabinet comes with either a cloth or steel grill and weighs in at 49 pounds or 53 pounds, depending on the grill. It’s available with a special introductory price of $949 including shipping.

Barefaced Audio Four10 Bass Cabinet Specs:

Dimensions:24″ high x 24″ wide x 13″ deep
Weight:53 lbs (steel grill), 49 lbs (cloth grill)
Broadband Sensitivity:101dB
Usable Frequency Range:25Hz – 6kHz
Recommended Amp Power:75-1000W RMS
Maximum Output:~131dB
Impedance:8 or 2 ohms

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  1. David Desmond

    About time a bass guitar cab can go down to 25HZ. Some popular bass cabs can only go down to 45HZ which does not make sense when a low “E” is 41.2 HZ and a “B” is 30.87. The big beloved refrigerator goes down to 58HZ, Why do companies make bass cabs unable to properly reproduce real bass frequencies?