Hatebreed Releases Seventh Studio Album

Hatebreed: The Concrete ConfessionalMetalcore band Hatebreed has released its seventh studio album, The Concrete Confessional.

With Chris Beattie on bass, the album’s themes are wide-ranging, covering everything from the dissipation of the American Dream, to being doomed by vices, to experiencing night paralysis.

Then there’s “Looking Down the Barrel of Today”:

The Concrete Confessional is available on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

The Concrete Confessional Track List:

  1. A.D. [Explicit]
  2. Looking Down the Barrel of Today [Explicit]
  3. Seven Enemies [Explicit]
  4. In the Walls
  5. From Grace We’ve Fallen
  6. Us Against Us [Explicit]
  7. Something’s Off
  8. Remember When [Explicit]
  9. Slaughtered in Their Dreams
  10. The Apex Within
  11. Walking the Knife
  12. Dissonance
  13. Serve Your Masters [Explicit]

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