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Bass Lick Series: Cool Bluesy Bass Line with Fills in G

Here’s a new lick lesson for you, using a good fingering exercise with a Major Pentatonic scale. This is also great for practicing slides and hammer-ons.

The fills are mostly Pentatonic, with added flat 3rd (B♭) and flat 7th (F).

The backing track is a one chord (G7) vamp, but you can transpose it and use it in many blues type songs. Follow along with the track and the video below.

Backing track:

For the gear heads, I’m playing a 1976 Fender Precision bass with Dunlop nickel roundwound strings with the tone control 1/4 down.

For more great bass lessons from Thomas "MarloweDK" Risell, visit

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Mark S Beretta

Mark S Beretta

This is nice Thomas , I like the backing track.
Much thanks ,,,