Gheorghe Postoronca: The Light From Inside

Gheorghe Postoronca always brings a personal level to his solo bass songs. His latest, “The Light From Inside”, is no exception.

The bassist utilizes a capo on four of his six strings along with strumming to create glorious harmonies and textures. It sounds like he is singing through his instrument, which is something many of us strive for.

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  1. Neagu Constantin

    Simply AWESOME!!!

  2. Mark S Beretta

    Gheorghe you’re excellent on bass , I get tired just watching.
    I just purchased a Prescsion bass and to my surprise it’s easier to play than my Jazz bass cause of the wider – thicker neck.
    Much Thanks ‘

    • Gheorghe Postoronca

      Thank you Mark , I have a great ’76 Precision so I agree with you !

  3. Bryan


    Very nice! What is the string spacing at the bridge and nut on this bass?

    • Mikey

      That’s a Ken Smith Design Bass I believe, so you can probably get that info off their website.

      • Gheorghe Postoronca

        That’s a 1993 Ken Smith Burner , made in japan .