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Reader Spotlight: Jaymi Millard

Jaymi Millard

Meet Jaymi Millard, who has a life devoted to bass – touring, recording, writing about and repping. And not just any basses either – Jaymi is all about pink when it comes to his basses.

Jaymi is this week’s No Treble reader in the spotlight. Here’s his story…


The Pinkbassman! Jaymi graduated from Belmont University with a degree in Business and a mad passion for BASS. Under the expert tutelage of Roy Vogt, Jaymi paved his way through a myriad of Rickenbackers, Fenders, and Gibsons in bands that ranged from funk to polka to Kolo… All of those basses led to a book recently published that helps other players discern true values of now-vintage basses. Jaymi can be heard on various CDs and projects-and occasionally seen playing in the Nashville, TN area as well as touring as bassist with Native American band Broken Walls.


Nashville, TN USA

Day gig:

Bluesman Vintage bass rep and for-hire bassist.

Years experience:

34 years

Bands & Gigs:

Innocent Monday is the band I play with as a personal project. Broken Walls is a band I tour with. They have taken me all over the world, quite a rush! I am currently writing music with Mark Slaughter of the band, Slaughter. I gig with others when asked and am always on the hunt for something exciting that is outside my wheelhouse.


  • Jaydee Supernatural MK S3-pink with LEDs
  • Jaydee Supernatural MK S2 fretless-NOT PINK!!
  • Bluesman Vintage Custom build#1 in pepto pink
  • Bluesman Vintage Custom #2 with T Bird Pups-Hot Pink Pearl
  • 1978 Gibson Grabber in Metal Flake Pink
  • 1975 Gibson Grabber in Pink Pearl
  • 1986 Guild Pilot in silverish Pink
  • Davis Relayer prototype -The Pink Panther
  • Ergo custom EUB in sparkly Pink with Green LED stripe

Lots more PINK!!!! (think it’s a trend??)

Why I play the bass:

There is an old 1942 Kay bass that has been in the family since 1969. It was the first instrument I gravitated to and fell in love with quickly.

My bass superpower/claim to fame:

I am the PINKBASSMAN! Almost all of my basses are pink – no two the same shade! These and others are reviewed and played on my Youtube channel by the bass loving world. Basses from Fenders to Wals are reviewed and lots in between!

My influences:

Geddy Lee, Geezer Butler, Mark King, Joe Schermie, Mike Mesaros, Glenn Hughes, Gene Simmons, and Roy Vogt (of course)…MANY others!

More on the web:

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Selina ^v^ ~

Selina ^v^ ~

Congratulations!! You deserve this. Love you Pinkie :)