Ron Carter Records Trio Album With Bad Plus Pianist

Ethan Iverson: The Purity of the TurfEthan Iverson, pianist for The Bad Plus, always wanted to make an album with the prolific bassist/cellist/composer Ron Carter.

And so now he has on The Purity of the Turf, which sees Iverson working in a trio with Carter and drummer drummer Nasheet Waits.

The record is on Criss Cross records, which releases jazz recordings made by groups working together in the studio over the course of a single day. In this case, the recording occurred on February 22 of this year, in Brooklyn.

Iverson’s record features both originals and covers. The originals come from each member, with Carter contributing “Little Waltz” and “Einbahnstrasse.” The covers include Annett Peacock’s “So Hard It Hurts.”

The Purity of the Turf is available on CD.

The Purity of the Turf Track List:

  1. The Purity Of The Turf
  2. Song For My Father
  3. Darn That Dream
  4. Along Came Betty
  5. Graduation Day
  6. Confirmation
  7. Kush
  8. Sent For You Yesterday
  9. Strange Serenade
  10. Little Waltz
  11. Einbahnstrasse
  12. So Hard It Hurts

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