Julie Slick: Adrian Belew Power Trio “B3” Bass Playthrough

Thank God for Julie Slick. While wading through countless awful political posts in my Facebook feed, I saw this incredible clip of her ripping it up on the Adrian Belew Power Trio song “B3”, and it saved my day.

The track comes from the 2009 ABPT album e, which features Slick and her brother Eric on drums. It’s a short yet intense song anchored by a muscular and equally intense bass line that will make you watch it on repeat.

“Adrian showed us a little bit every day while recording the other pieces on the album,” Slick shared with us. “On day 6 we ran it from start to finish for the first time through… and that’s the take you hear on the record. Everything else was one movement per day.”

Slick also gave us a heads up that her band EchoTest will be releasing a new album entitled “from two balconies” in January. Be sure to keep up with the band on their Facebook page.

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