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NS Design Announces WAV5 Radius Bass

NS Design WAV5 Radius Bass

NS Design’s WAV Radius electric bass now comes in a five-string version. The WAV5 Radius Bass carries the same features of the WAV4 with the exception of the specs to accommodate the fifth string.

Its scale is extended to 35 inches, while the string spacing is reduced to 18 millimeters. As part of the Radius series, the bass has a contoured diradial body with a deep cutaway, a headless tuning system, and the NS Polar/EMG dual pickup system. Both pickups are fed to an active 9-volt preamp complete with master volume and balance controls as well as individual tone controls for each pickup.

The NS Design WAV5 Radius Bass will be available soon with a street price of $1,299.99.

NS Design WAV5 Radius Bass Specs:

Neck:One-piece Maple
Nut Width:1.6″
Fretboard Radius:15″
Pickups:EMG Radius, NS Polar
Electronics:9-Volt Active
Bridge:1-piece Aluminum
Tuners:NS Patented Tuning System
Colors:Matte Black, Metallic Crimson, Metallic Cobalt
Made in:Indonesia

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