Sadowsky Introduces Compact SBP-2 Preamp Pedal

Sadowsky Guitars SBP-2 Preamp Pedal

Sadowsky Guitars has released a compact version of their preamp pedal called the SBP-2. The new outboard preamp has the same circuitry that the company fits into their basses but in a slimmed down design.

“[The SBP-2 is] perfect for crammed pedalboards as well as vintage basses where onboard preamp installation would affect resale value,” Sadowsky writes. “It works with all passive basses, active pickups, and upright bass pickups.”

The Sadowsky SBP-2 will be available this spring with a price point of $189.

Sadowsky Guitars SBP-2 Preamp Pedal Specs:

Frequency Response:5Hz-20.9kHz
Power Source:9V Batter
Battery Life:870 Hours
Bass Control:+/- 13dB Boost @ 40Hz
Treble Control:+/- 13dB Boost @ 4kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion:0.18% @ 1kHz
Output Impedance:1K Ohm

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