EchoTest Releases Third Album, “From Two Balconies”

EchoTest: From Two BalconiesEver since Julie Slick teased the album back in October, we’ve been patiently waiting for the new EchoTest album. Now we’re basking in the goodness that the band calls From Two Balconies.

Slick shares bass duties in the band on her Bass VI with fellow phenom Marco Machera, who plays on a five-string. Slick gave the lowdown on their third release on her website.

“Displaying an even higher production value, a new member (drummer Alessandro Inolti), many more guests (Pat Mastelotto, Tim Motzer, Ali Wadsworth, Ian Gray, Greg Rosen, and Sarah Anderson), the record is a departure from the heavily instrumental and bass-dominated Fourth Dementia (2014) and Le Fil Rouge (2015),” she wrote. “The tracks chronicle a contemporary tragedy, the resulting resonance of characters trapped in a tempestuous tormented limbo. It features lead vocals on 7 out of 10 tracks — Marco takes this role on a few songs, but he also shares this job with Mike Visser (Imaginary Tricks) and Claire Wadsworth. From Two Balconies is a modern-sounding, yet classic record that defies genres, showcasing music that is truly progressive in nature. Featuring artwork by the legendary Derek Riggs.”

Check out the video for “Supercell”:

From Two Balconies is available now on CD and digital download via Bandcamp.

From Two Balconies Track List:

  1. Supercell
  2. Rack+Ruin
  3. The Mystical Connected Us
  4. Confirmation Bias
  5. Beats in the Brain
  6. The Plight
  7. Sense of Urgency
  8. Pity
  9. Radio Sayonara
  10. Reflect/Reflex

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