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  • GHS Updates Short Scale Strings

    GHS Updates Short Scale Strings

    GHS Strings has updated their short-scale bass strings to be a bit longer. The extra length, they say, is to accommodate for short-scale basses that have a tailpiece or are strung thru-body. “Traditionally, the winding length (ball end to taper/silk) of a short scale bass string has been 32 [inches],” the company writes. “However, this... »

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  • John Scofield with Gary Grainger: Time Marches On / The Nag

    John Scofield with Gary Grainger: Time Marches On / The Nag

    Here’s a crazy lineup: John Scofield on guitar, Gary Grainger on bass, Dennis Chambers on drums, and Jim Beard on keys. The quartet is on top of their game as they rip it up on the songs “Time Marches On” and “The Nag” in this clip. The first song is a slower jam with Grainger... »

  • In Memoriam: Cel Revuelta

    In Memoriam: Cel Revuelta

    Former Black Flag bassist Cel Revuelta has passed away after fighting brain cancer. The news was shared on a GoFundMe page that was set up to assist with his medical bills. “Today we lost a wonderful person, our hearts are broken Cel passed away this morning Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017,” Adriana Martinez shared. “He was... »

  • The Lightbulb Moment: Key Change!

    The Lightbulb Moment: Key Change!

    There comes a time in every player’s life when we listen to a song and are able to identify a perfectly executed lift in tonal center. The energy heightens, the chorus takes on a slightly new character, and the band keeps grooving with a new sense of intention. This extraordinary moment can only be one... »

  • FORQ: Ultraviolet

    FORQ: Ultraviolet

    FORQ released their sophomore album, in April. The band, which includes Snarky Puppy bassist/bandleader Michael League, Snarky Puppy guitarist Chris McQueen, Rudder keyboardist Henry Hey, and drummer Jason “JT” Thomas, just shared the video for the track “Ultraviolet.” The musical ties in this band are strong. “I met Chris McQueen the summer before our first... »

  • In Memoriam: Kevin Garcia

    In Memoriam: Kevin Garcia

    Kevin Garcia, who laid down the low end for indie rock outfit Grandaddy, has passed away after suffering a stroke. He was 41 years old. The news was announced by the band on their Facebook page. “There are no accurate words to express what we need to,” the band wrote. “We are absolutely shattered to... »

  • Groove – Episode #29: Chuck Rainey

    Groove – Episode #29: Chuck Rainey

    How does one concisely (and intelligently) write something meaningful about an artist like Chuck Rainey? It’s easy to say that Chuck is an American bassist who was born in Cleveland, Ohio and went on to play with artists like Aretha Franklin, Steely Dan, Marvin Gaye, The Jackson 5, Quincy Jones, etc… He’s so much more... »

  • Steve Lawson and Andy Edwards: Over Time

    Steve Lawson and Andy Edwards: Over Time

    Bassists and drummers always share a special bond, but Steve Lawson and Andy Edwards have an incredible musical camaraderie. The duo recently performed an entirely improvised set at Tower of Song in Birmingham and it’s astounding. Here’s an extended clip of “Over Time”, which will be available to Lawson’s Bandcamp subscribers. “Everything here is live... »

  • Hotone Audio Now Shipping B Station Bass Preamp/DI

    Hotone Audio Now Shipping B Station Bass Preamp/DI

    Hotone Audio is now shipping the B Station, a bass preamp and DI in a pedal format. Designed for studio and stage, the unit packs in a 3-band EQ, a Drive channel, and an optical compressor as well. The Drive is kicked in via a dedicated footswitch, while the compressor has a simple one-knob control.... »

  • Do I Have To Like Jazz To Improve My Playing?

    Do I Have To Like Jazz To Improve My Playing?

    Q: I’ve read some interviews of yours, and you mentioned that when you started studying jazz, you weren’t actually all that into the music, but you came to appreciate it later through study, etc… I’ve been trying to work through standards, exercises through chord changes and bebop/chromatic-type stuff, but I don’t know what I’m trying... »