Jeff Berlin Reimagines “Joe Frazier” for 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Vinyl

Jeff Berlin: Joe Frazier 30th AnniversaryJeff Berlin’s classic song “Joe Frazier” has always been an inspiration for bassists. Originally released on his album “Pump It”, the track features killer unison riffs and an amazing bass solo.

Now Berlin is celebrating the track with a 30th-anniversary edition 12-inch vinyl that will feature the original recording plus a completely reimagined version. “My new version of ‘Joe Frazier’ is thrilling,” he wrote on Facebook. “It doesn’t contain much that is similar with my previous two JF tunes except that it uses a straight eighth note feel. Other than this, the new version IS new, written with entirely new harmony, melody and rhythms totally different than my older versions of the song. I even took that bass line and reharmonized it to be something really different, almost like orchestral rock. The players are Tom Hemby on guitar, Chester Thompson on drums, Steve Vai soloing, David Sancious on keyboards and me on bass. Recording has begun and am knocked out about the results.”

The vinyl will come signed with an autographed chart of the new arrangement as well as a digital download of the two songs. A “mix minus” bonus track subtracts the solos so that you can play along. It’s expected to ship in October with a price of $24.95, though pre-orders are available now.

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