Bass of the Week: Fast Guitars Intrepid

Fast Guitars Intrepid Bass

This week we’re checking out the Intrepid bass from Fast Guitars. Available in four-, five-, or six-string versions, the model features a lightweight chambered body with a long-tenon neck joint.

“Our neck joints are as tight and precise as any other type of neck joint. With a tapered tenon, the string tension will only tighten the joint rather than pull it open,” the company writes. “Our neck joint has no paint or glue separating the body wood from the neck wood. High strength steel inserts hold everything in place, giving us the smooth transition and fret access of a neck-through while allowing us to pair different tonewoods together for the neck and body.”

Fast Guitars builds the Intrepid with a mahogany body, wenge neck, and an ebony fretboard. It has a multi-scale neck with 24 fanned frets. Finally, the Intrepid is fitted with EMG active pickups and Hipshot hardware.

Fast Guitars Intrepid Bass Features:

Strings:4, 5 or 6
Tuners:Hipshot Ultralight
Pickups:EMG active

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