Bass of the Week: Mas Hino NYC Matador

Master luthier Mas Hino is a man that can appreciate the finer things in life. That’s why his bass design called the Matador is inspired by both Picasso and Lamborghini.

Mas Hino NYC Matador Bass

“The Matador was inspired by Pablo Picasso. The shape is an acoustic guitar with an offset on the sides like Picasso’s guitar,” Hino writes. “The body line and shape was inspired from Lamborghini Miura also. Miura is famous for a bullfighting bull. Especially the streamline and the color red. The Matador is a symbol of passion for art. The Matador is an unprecedented Bass design. The special headstock logo “M” is combined with the bull for Matador.”

Finished in a Candy Apple Red, the Matador features a basswood body, maple neck, and maple fingerboard. Hino fitted it with a single Bartolini pickup, which he says gives it a tone similar to a MusicMan StingRay.

Mas Hino NYC Matador Bass Features:


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