Bass Battle Branches Out with “Electric Play”

Bass Battle: Electric PlayBass Battle, aka Bogdan Diaconeasa, has released a new album, but this one is a little different from his previous efforts. While it still has some killer bass on it, Electric Play focuses on the guitar.

“Guys, for some of you, this new release could sound a little bit paradoxical, a project called Bass Battle with a new album has the guitar as the main instrument,” he admits. “In [the] beginning of this project, the bass guitar was so close to my heart, that I somehow put it on a high pedestal and for a long period of time nothing else mattered to me in terms of musical instruments… there was only the bass guitar. These words are not an excuse for the use of the guitar, nor for the lack of bass solos, but it’s more like a self-evaluation I made, and I thought this may be a good thing to share with you. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did making it. As always, stay positive, love music and don’t be afraid to change!”

Bass Battle’s Electric Play is available on Bandcamp for free or “name your price.”

Electric Play Track List:

  1. Reveries
  2. About You (Electric Mix)
  3. Finding Myself (Electric Mix)
  4. Organic Journey
  5. Freedom

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