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Juraj Griglák & Company Live Album Now Available

Juraj Griglak and Company: LiveBassist Juraj Griglák has released a new live CD with a killer band. Juraj Griglák & Company Live features Bobby Sparks, Poogie Bell, and Chris Hemingway performing five of the bass player’s songs from a May 2015 concert at Barmuseum in Martin, Slovakia.

“I listened to a recording from a concert in Martin and I found out that there are unique passages that are only ‘live,'” Griglák states. “When the album is recorded in the studio, everything is perfect, we musicians are safe, and we do not risk it. At the concert, however, we are tougher and more authentic. Thanks to the energy of the performance, space [and musical] moments are created that will not happen again.”

Check out an example of that energy with “Slepovica”:

Juraj Griglák & Company Live is available now on Bandcamp.

Juraj Griglák & Company Live Track List:

  1. Slepovica
  2. Time to Fly
  3. Inside
  4. Ttrilobit
  5. Mica

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