Between The Buried And Me Release “Automata I”

Between the Buried and Me: Automata IProg-metal band Between the Buried and Me have returned with Automata I, the first of a two-part concept album. The band explores the idea of being able to view the dreams of others.

“What if dreams could be broadcast for the purpose of entertainment?” asks vocalist Tommy Rogers. “Could you consume the innermost thoughts of another person on screen? If you could, what does that say about an attention-starved audience? More importantly, what would become of the dreamer?”

Automata I is a six-song collection while Automata II will be available later this year. Bassist Dan Briggs broke down the album track by track for, including the first single “Condemned To The Gallows”.

“The beginning and end of this song came from the first batch of material I sent to the guys for our last album Coma Ecliptic,” he explained. “I didn’t bother expanding on what I sent because I thought I saw a little 3-4 minute long song that was kind of a slow build around a theme. Blake (Richardson, drums) brought it back to life while we were sharing material for this album and gave it new life. The chordal structure during the first change in mood at 1:20 comes back turned inside-out in the next track, setting up a thematic presence from the beginning. One of my natural instincts as a progressive music lover is intricate unison lines, but the triplet phrase at 4:00 is something I pretty much have to practice every day.”

Automata I is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Automata I Track List:

  1. Condemned To The Gallows
  2. House Organ
  3. Yellow Eyes
  4. Millions
  5. Gold Distance
  6. Blot

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