Bass of the Week: Veillette Guitars Acoustic Bass Guitar

This week we’re checking out builder Joe Veillette’s Acoustic bass guitar model. Available in a variety of woods, the Acoustic was designed to bring the same depth of tone from their acoustic guitars to the bass.

“With a 17″ wide and 5.5″ deep body, the Acoustic Bass has the airspace to deliver a true fundamental with depth and authority. A standard 34″ scale feels immediately familiar to electric players,” Veillette writes. “The warmth and natural presence of the mahogany body give this bass a very vibrant midrange that ‘cuts’ and lets it be heard, even where other basses might get lost in a mix. Plugged in, this bass is a beast — a huge, responsive tone with unmistakably acoustic flavor. The ‘air’ is there in every note.”

The bass comes in cutaway, non-cutaway, and symmetrical oval-hole body styles. It also comes in four or five-string versions and fretted or fretless necks.

Joe Veillette Guitars Acoustic Bass Options:

Exotic wood tops (as available)
Custom stains, solid colors, and sunbursts
Left-Handed (no extra charge)
Lined or Unlined Fretless (Bass)
Extra-Light Tuning Machines
Custom Nut Widths and Bridge spacings
Alternate scale lengths and tuning configurations
On-Board Tri-Color Tuner
Custom pickups, controls, and wiring

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