Peter Iwers Quits Cyhra


Peter Iwers has left the ranks of Cyhra, the band has announced. “It’s sad to part ways with Peter as a member, but we are still very good friends and will always be,” Cyhra stated. “He has our full support in this decision and we wish him nothing else than the best in the future.”

Iwers issued a Facebook video to his fans to go into further detail. “As you might have read, I just quit Cyhra. There is absolutely no bad blood, but [I wanted to share] some insight as to why I quit,” he said. “When I was asked to join there were some circumstances that didn’t pan out the way that I expected them to. With that said, for me to be in the band I need to contribute musically and that we all share the same vision. This was not the case, really, with Cyhra. Again, no bad blood or bad mouthing, so please don’t read into this any more than what it is. But I need to write music with the band that I’m in, otherwise, I die inside. So stay tuned for something new to come and good luck to Cyhra.”

The bassist, who quit In Flames prior to joining Cyhra, sat out the group’s most recent tour. Cyhra will continue as a four-piece band as they did on the tour with Iwers’s recorded bass lines being played along.

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