Bass of the Week: Devil’s Choice EvilOak

Devil's Choice EvilOak Bass

This week we’re checking out a bass from the dark side. The Devil’s Choice EvilOak is a unique bass that brings together several aspects of their existing instruments.

“The EvilOak is a custom project [based on] our Manticore model, and the term “EvilOak” was initially a fun name for that particular bass,” Bernd Steuer of Devil’s Choice explains. “[We] put out the BlackOak Edition some time ago, which is also the basis for this project, as well as the UnholyTrinity electronic concept, the SCARS design and the Trapjaw headstock with string locks and tuneable bridge. All in all a true Devil’s Choice axe.”

The neck-thru bass is built around a 9-piece neck made from smoked oak, maple, and wenge. Its smoked oak theme is carried to the body as well, where the wood is layered with some maple. The five-string bass has a multi-scale neck with a tigerstripe ebony fingerboard. Due to the multi-scale, its mother-of-pearl diamond inlays are all different from each other.

The UnholyTrinity electronics include three humbuckers with Alnico magnets that each have three modes: series, parallel, and off. “You get a very versatile but passive electronics. Fans of passive tones love this!” says Steuer.

Devil’s Choice EvilOak Bass Specs:

Scale:Multi-scale 33″/34″
Body:Smoked Oak with Maple
Body Profile:SCARS Shaping
Neck:9-Piece Smoked Oak, Maple, and Wenge with Carbon Reinforcement
Fingerboard:Tigerstripe Ebony
Frets:24 Stainless Steel Jumbo
Inlays:Mother of Pearl Diamond
Pickups:Three Humbuckers with Individual Series/off/Parallel Switches
Tuners:Tuneable OneStringUnits, Made by ABM
String Locks:Devil's Choice, Made by ETS

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