Bass of the Week: The Swedish Harp Bass

Swedish Harp Bass

From the mind of Joel Illerhag comes one of the most incredible, dreamlike instruments I’ve ever seen. The Swedish Harp Bass is a double bass fitted with a 3D-printed carbon fiber structure to add 39 sympathetic strings and electromagnets that help to make the strings sound.

“The aim of this project is to produce acoustic sound from a musical instrument without loudspeakers using electromagnets,” Illerhag shares on the Swedish Bass Harp website. “The electromagnets can be controlled externally via audio, midi and motion sensors.”

Hearing is believing, so just watch this video of Illerhag talking about the design and demoing its uses:

Illerhag details all the steps in the creation process, so if you’re interested in more be sure to visit the Swedish Harp Bass website.

Swedish Harp Bass Features:

Double Bass with Carbon Fiber Structure
39 Sympathetic Strings
Electromagnets Controllable by Computer

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