Colin Edwin and Lorenzo Feliciati Collaborate for “Twinscapes Vol. 2: A Modern Approach To The Dancefloor”

Colin Edwin & Lorenzo Feliciati: Twinscapes Vol. 2: A Modern Approach To The DancefloorBassists Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree, Metallic Taste of Blood) and Lorenzo Feliciati (Naked Truth, Berserk!) have teamed up once again for Twinscapes Vol. 2: A Modern Approach To The Dancefloor. Each player is known for their progressive rock and jazz styles, but they also share roots in ’80s pop. The new album layers that era into their already unique sound.

“As with the first album, there was no conscious decision or discussion to sound a particular way,” says Edwin, “but I guess it’s the case that both Lorenzo and I have a connection with having played progressive rock and also that we were both around in the ’80s, so that shared history has kind of come out on this record. As before, we’ve simply followed our instincts and common ground.”

The new record has varied textures that certainly call back to the 80’s while remaining present. Its scope is more adventurous than one might expect, though Feliciati points out the 80’s were more experimental than most people give credit.

“I remember buying Genesis’ Trick of the Tail, which I still love today, and the first Devo album,” he says. “And I clearly remember being exposed and enjoying music from new wave bands like The Stranglers, Human League, Ultravox and Japan together with fusion bands like the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Weather Report. I saw the last tour that Jaco Pastorius did with Weather Report promoting Night Passage…the night that changed my life. And I also remember going to see Talking Heads live with the Remain in Light band featuring Adrian Belew. From my point of view, everything happening in music then was with elements of Prog, Jazz, Rock, African music. So I always disagree that the ’80s was a poor decade for music.”

Get a feel for the new album with the opening track, “Tin Can”:

Twinscapes Vol. 2: A Modern Approach To The Dancefloor is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Twinscapes Vol. 2: A Modern Approach To The Dancefloor Track List:

  1. Tin Can
  2. Severing Suns
  3. Bedroom Corner
  4. Future Echo
  5. In A Haze
  6. Precipice
  7. Ghosts of Tangier
  8. The (Next) Level Think
  9. In A Daze
  10. Heat Collision

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