Schroeder Introduces the 12.6PL Bass Cabinet

Schroeder Cabinets 12.6PL Bass Cabinet

Schroeder Cabinets has expanded their lineup of bass cabs with the 12.6PL, which is fitted with a 12-inch custom B&C subwoofer as well as a 6-inch driver for mids and an adjustable bullet tweeter. Available in 800-watt or 1,000-watt versions, the cab is described as having a “very tight low-end with clean mids and a sweet high end, while the custom crossover provides a smooth transition.”

The 12.6PL has a frequency range of 35hz to 20khz with an SPL of 104dB at 1W/1M. It weighs in at 36 pounds for the 800-watt version and 38 pounds for the 1,000-watt version. As with the rest of Schroeder’s cabinets, the 12.6PL is hand built in California. The two versions of the cab are priced at $745 and $795, respectively.

Schroeder Cabinets 12.6PL Bass Cabinet Features:

Power:800 or 1,000 Watts RMS
Drivers:12″ custom B&C subwoofer with 6″ mids and adjustable bullet tweeter
Dimensions:20.5″ wide x 18″ high x 15″ deep
Frequency Range:35hz – 20khz
SPL:104db SPL @ 1W/1M;
Weight:36lbs for 800 watts, 38lbs for 1,000 watts

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  1. virtanen

    SPL (i.e. sound pressure level; dB) is not sensitivity (XX dB / 1 W / 1 m).

    Max SPL can be calculated from sensitivity, when the max input power is known. So here we have 800 W that can produce up to around 132 dB (at the distance of one meter, naturally) and that big sister can scream up to 134 dB (@ 1 m).

    The frequency response does not have the (+/- 3 or 6 dB) limits, so the linear/flat response may be somewhat different than quoted. It is somewhat pity, that manufacturers do not use DIN/IEC/AES or any other standards in their visually complex specifications, because the claimed numbers are hard or impossible to compare to some other company products. This is only bad thing for us users and confused buyers – but marketing people jump for joy.

    Happy holidays.

  2. Ratt Mann

    Love those Schroeders. I have two of the 15L’s and they kill. May need to get two of those 12.6 PL’s. Jorg is a pleasure to deal with.