Joel Quarrington: J.S. Bach Sixth Suite BWV 1012

Joel Quarrington is one of the greatest double bassists of our generation. A former principal bass of the London Symphony Orchestra, his execution and expressiveness put his playing into the highest realms of art.

Here he performs Bach’s entire sixth cello suite, BWV 1012, which features six movements. The emotion put into every note will leave you on the edge of your seat.


  1. Prelude 0:10
  2. Allemande 4:54
  3. Courante 13:15
  4. Sarabande 17:08
  5. Gavottes 22:19
  6. Gigue 26:42

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  1. Bob Akers

    Thanks for the Joel Quarrington piece. Such exquisite virtuosity and beautiful tone is inspiring to all of us in the bass community.
    Also, did you notice how high his action is?! How he is able to execute those 16th notes with his strings at that height I find truly amazing!
    Talk about fingers of steel!
    Thanks again,
    Bob A.
    [email protected]