The New Mastersounds Return with “The Nashville Session 2”

The New Mastersounds: The Nashville Session 2British soul and funk quartet The New Mastersounds have followed up their 2016 release The Nashville Session with its sequel, The Nashville Session 2. Similar to the first album, the latest effort has them performing in the same analog studio along with a live audience.

It differs from the original in that keyboardist Joe Tatton was able to utilize pianos and synthesizers in addition to the Hammond organ to which he was previously limited.

As always, bassist Pete Shand anchors the groove with only the tastiest bass lines. Get a sample of the album with the band’s cover of “Afro Metropolis”:

The Nashville Session 2 is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

The Nashville Session 2 Track List:

  1. Dusty Groove
  2. All I Want (Right Now)
  3. Thermal Bad
  4. Afro Metropolis
  5. Yokacoka
  6. Miracles
  7. Pudding & Pie
  8. 3 on the B
  9. Flimsy
  10. Six Underground

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