Korg USA Acquires Spector Basses

Spector Basses

Korg USA has acquired Spector Bass Company, the former has announced. Korg, which has been managing the bass company’s import bass distribution since 2015, says they will be able to help bolster the company’s expansion.

“We’ve been the distributor for four years and we knew the history and potential of this iconic brand,” said Korg USA president Joe Castronovo. “We also knew we could drive the future growth and expansion of the brand as an owner. Once Stuart Spector decided the time was right to entrust us with the operation of his legacy brand, we worked out the acquisition and are now proud owners.”

Bass builder Stuart Spector began building basses in 1976, collaborating with Ned Steinberger to create the NS-1 bass in 1977. “When the time came to transition to the next phase of life for the Spector brand, choosing KORG USA was an emotional and simple decision all at once,” he wrote of the merger. “With the team in place at KORG USA, Inc., we are leaving the Spector brand in the best of hands and I am excited to see what the future holds.”

Korg will hit the ground running with the brand, says product manager John Stippell. “Our plans for Spector have already started to breathe new life into the brand. The very first new models will be shown at NAMM and we are excited to have our dealers, press, artists, and anyone who loves bass guitar come see what’s new.”

We’ll report more from NAMM next week.

H/T: Musical Merchandise Review

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