Bass of the Week: Lassila Guitars Antipode

Lassila Guitars Antipode Single Cut Fan Fret Bass

This week we have two basses of the week, although they are the mirror reflection of each other. Hayden Lassila of Lassila Guitars calls the model the Antipode. With one right-handed and one left-handed version, the bass lives up to its name.

Both feature a multi-scale neck that has gone from a 37-inch B-string to a 34-inch G string. They’re constructed with a neck-through design including a carbon fiber reinforced five-piece neck of Black Limba, Padauk, and Birdseye maple. The body wings are black walnut while the top is a captivating piece of rippled ash with a periwinkle purple stain. For electronics, Lassila fits the Antipode basses with a set of Nordstrand Zen Blades and passive electronics.

Lassila Guitars Antipode Single Cut Fan Fret Bass Specs:

Scale Length:Multi-scale; B - 37″, E - 36.25″, A - 35.5″, D - 34.75″, G - 34″
Neck width at Nut:46mm
Nut Material:Brass
Bridge Spacing:18mm
Bridge Pieces:Hipshot Solo - (black)
Fretboard:Bocote, 14″ radius, with Stewmac medium higher nickel silver fretwire and Luminlay side markers
Neck:5 piece neck through, Black Limba, Padauk, Birdseye maple. Carbon fiber reinforcement bars and dual action truss rod.
Body wings:American Black Walnut
Top/Headstock veneer:Rippled Ash with a periwinkle purple stain.
Finish:Tru-oil coats with wax paste to finish.
Tuners:Hipshot Ultra Lite - (black)
Pickups:Nordstrand Zen Blade set
Electronics:Passive - Military Grade 500K pots (V-V-T) (Right handed) - CTS 500K LH pots (V-V-T) (Left-handed), Switchcraft Barrel Jack, 0.047uF Bumblebee workalike capacitor.
Straplocks:Dunlop flush mount - (black)
Strings:Payson nickel round wound multiscale.

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  1. Sarah Parker

    Wow was a beautiful duo!!