Audibotics Announces the PlayX Audio Platform

Audibotics PlayX Audio Platform

Audibotics has announced the PlayX, which they call the “world’s first and only smart audio platform.” The device is open for use to any instrument in a variety of settings.

“Play it as a full-featured tube DSP guitar or bass multi-FX processor, a pedalboard in front of an amplifier, a pro-level ambient effect in an amp’s FX loop, an analog boost audio interface and controller in a DAW plugin setup, a multi-channel audio interface or a portable recorder to record or broadcast your vintage amplifier,” the company writes.

Chief designer Frank Teng adds that “PlayX is all about the freedom of creation we believe in. When musicians go impact the world, every tool you need should come with a snap of your fingers.”

The PlayX has apps for each of its features, similar to a smartphone. This includes the default mixer, bass multi-effects, pedals, vocal effects, a broadcasting app, a looper, a sampler, and more.

Get a quick look at the PlayX in this clip:

The Audibotics PlayX has a TBD shipping date and price.

Audibotics PlayX Audio Platform Features:

Smart Audio Platform with Audio Apps
Guitar and Bass Effects Processing
Pedalboard Format
Audio Interface for DAW
Multi-Channel Audio Interface or Portable Recorder
Built In Apps: Mixer, Audio Player, Sampler, Looper, Song Writer, Drum Pad, MIDI Library, Synth MIDI, Sequencer, Amp Simulation, Drum Machine, Amp Profiler, Chord Sheet Slide Show, and More

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