Prince: Funk Jam Session

Abby Dart is a huge Vulfpeck fan. She’s also the mom to Vulfpeck bassist Joe Dart.

This video hit my radar thanks to Abby, who wrote, “Vulfpeck shared this today and it was TOO funky not to share with everyone!”

This live clip of Prince is definitely funky, thanks in part to Rhonda Smith and an all-star band.

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  1. Trey Smith

    Brother could kick a jam. This song is actually called 1+1+1=3. Great band fo sho. I saw this tour and it was killer.

  2. Steve

    I so wish I had gotten to see Prince live.

  3. Teddy Porter

    I saw this. After Prince died on U tube. Itsva rock and roll Hall of fame jam session from2004?

  4. Leonard Lampton

    Thanks Corey for sharing this! I can’t wait to play it again when my new sound bar gets here!

  5. Arlena Morton

    Ain’t no way you can watch this without at least tappin’ your feet. Before it ends, you’ll be gettin’ down & all out funky!

  6. Will Smith

    Why do the great ones die young? RIP PRINCE!

  7. J. Mills

    I got a whiff of this stanky funk two days ago and I’ve been playin’ it constantly! Thank you Corey Brown!