Darkglass Electronics Unveils the Limited Edition Alpha•Omega 900 “Centurion” Bass Amp

Darkglass Electronics Alpha·Omega 900 “Centurion” Bass Amp

Darkglass Electronics has expanded its limited-edition line of amps with the Alpha·Omega 900 “Centurion”. The new model houses their Alpha·Omega 900 in a red chassis with laser-etched artwork by Ignacio Bazán, who also designed a limited edition of their B7K Ultra.

“It’s an honor collaborating with Darkglass Electronics again,” the artist shared. “My idea was to create a futuristic version of a Centurion, the commander of a century in the legendary Roman legions states Ignacio Bazán about his inspiration.”

Darkglass Electronics Alpha·Omega 900 “Centurion” Bass Amp (Top)The new amp retains the features of the standard Alpha·Omega 900, which pairs one of their distortion preamp circuits with a 900-watt power amplifier. “While Darkglass’ signature Alpha and Omega drive engines add incredible girth and size to the overdriven signal, the studio-grade VCA compressor adds an extra layer of control, and the ultra-quiet 6-band graphic equalizer can help sculpt the tone from aggressive and overdriven to crystal clear clean, whatever your needs may be,” the company writes. Other features include MIDI programmability, impulse response cabinet simulation, an effects loop, a headphone output, and Pre and Post DI outputs.

The Darkglass Electronics Alpha·Omega 900 “Centurion” will be available soon with a street price of $1,099.

Darkglass Electronics Alpha·Omega 900 “Centurion” Bass Amp Features:

Artwork by Ignacio Bazán
Dual 1/4″ Speakon combo jacks
Dual XLR outputs. Latency compensated simultaneous Post DI with digital cabinet simulation and clean, Pre DI
Headphone output with cabinet simulation and volume control
3.5mm Auxiliary input
Three impulse response slots, selectable via the Cab Select switch
Impulses are loaded with the Darkglass Suite
MIDI input for remote switching, fully configurable with the DG Suite
Micro-USB connector for PC/Mac connection with Darkglass Suite
Ultra-quiet 6-band graphic EQ
Built-in adjustable studio-grade VCA compression, programmable on/off per channel in Darkglass Suite
Effects loop compatible with typical bass guitar pedals and line-level devices
Intelligent fan control to reduce noise when playing quietly
Analog preamp with blendable Alpha and Omega drive circuits
Passive/active input switch
Ground lift switch for DI outputs
900 W RMS Class D power amplifier
Supplied with Intelligent Footswitch
Fully compatible with existing Darkglass Intelligent and Super-Intelligent Footswitches
Super Intelligent Footswitch sold separately

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