Yamaha Introduces the SLB300SK Silent Bass

Yamaha Silent Bass SLB300SK Front and Side ViewYamaha unveiled the next generation of their Silent Bass series of electric upright basses at the 2020 Winter NAMM Show. The new SLB300SK continues the range’s familiar feel of acoustic double bass but has an important update in its tonal qualities. That comes in a new onboard microphone modeling circuit.

“Studio Response Technology (SRT) now allows the new SLB300SK to model an acoustic bass played through different high-end acoustic microphones, ranging from the clear, crisp sound of a dynamic microphone, to the well-balanced rich timbre and warm low-frequency emphasis of classic and vintage vacuum-tube microphones. SRT provides performers with complete control of their sound directly from the instrument.”

SRT is used on the bass’s Mic Type switch, which allows for selecting three modes: Rich (a vintage tube mic), Simple (a dynamic mic), and Warm (a second tube mic). A Blend control lets you mix between the selected mic type and the bass’s pickup. Further tonal tweaking is gotten with Bass and Treble knobs.

The SLB300SK is also portable and can be broken down into what Yamaha calls a “subway friendly” size. “It also allows the player to take their acoustic sound to places where they may have feared to bring an expensive, classic acoustic instrument, such as an outdoor gig on a hot humid day,” they add.

The Yamaha SLB300SK will be shipping this month with an MSRP of $4,495.

Yamaha Silent Bass SLB300SK Specifications:

Frame:Beech (Detachable)
Finger Board:Rosewood
Peg:Worm gear type
Tailpiece:Ebony (Reverse Type)
Bridge:Maple (Height Adjustable)
Pickup:Piezo Pickup
Strings:D’Addario Helicore Hybrid Light
Electric Controls: Volume control knob / Treble control knob / Bass control knob / Bypass button / Blend control knob / Microphone type switch button
In/Out Jacks:Line Out
Power Supply:AA battery (alkali or nickel hydrogen) x 2
Battery Life:Alkaline Approx. 32 hours; Nickel hydrogen Approx. 26 hours
Weight:7.2kg (15 lbs. 14 oz)
Accessories:Soft case, Mute, Allen wrench

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