EBS Unveils the 802 Bass Amp

EBS 802 Bass Amp

EBS has gotten back to their roots by unveiling the 802, a 750-watt solid-state bass amplifier they say will be the new cornerstone of their amplifications program. It will also be the reference point for the “EBS Sound.”

“EBS excellence in solid-state technology is well known and runs through the veins back to when the company started in 1988,” the company writes. “This creation brings you all that a lightweight amplifier can not offer. The sound quality, clarity, and punch is on another level. You can feel it with your whole body. It’s an amp with a soul that speaks to you and makes you smile. A conditioner that relieves the itch for those who suffer from it.”

The 100-percent analog, high-performance linear bass amp is built entirely in Sweden. Central to the preamp section is an extensive EQ that includes lo and hi boost preshape filters, a bass knob with three frequency selections, a treble control with a range switch, a bright control, and two semi-parametric controls for low- and high-mids. “The frequency ranges are very wide, so you could also use them as two low-mid filters if you like that, too,” EBS’s Ralf Bjurbo told us at NAMM. “They have cut and boost with a ton of different frequencies.” In addition to all this shaping, the 802 has an onboard compressor/limiter and drive control that goes to 11.

On the back of the amp, things are just as detailed. EBS fits the 802 with dual balanced XLR outputs for post and pre-EQ. The post EQ output has a speaker cab simulator. Other connectivity includes an effects loop, a remote footswitch input, a tuner out, and a line out. The speaker outputs are Neutrik combo jacks.

The EBS 802 will be available soon with a projected price point of $2,500. “Since this is a little bit more expensive amp, we’re offering opportunities for customers to reach out to us for personal guidance on how to order and how to get their amplifier,” Bjurbo added.

EBS 802 Bass Amp Features:

100% Analog Design
Made Entirely in Sweden
750 Watts @ 2 ohm
Lo and Hi Boost Preshape Filters
Compressor/Limiter Knob
Bass with Three-Position Frequency Switch
Lo-Mid and Hi-Mid Semi-Parametric Controls
Treble with Two-Position Frequency Switch
Bright Control
Drive Control
Dual Balanced XLR-Outputs (Post and Pre EQ)
Effects Loop
Line Out
Remote Footswitch Control Inputs for Mute, Character Filters, Drive and EQ Bypass.
Dimensions: (W x D x H) 19″ x 14″ x 3U (48cm x 36cm x 13cm)
Weight: 36 lbs

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