Wolfgang Van Halen Signs to Explorer1 Music Group for Solo Album

Paul Woolnough and Wolfgang Van Halen

Five years after revealing it was in the works, it looks like Wolfgang Van Halen’s solo debut is on the cusp of being released. The Van Halen bassist, and son of guitar wizard Eddie, has announced he has signed a deal with Explorer1 Music Group to unleash the album. Billboard shared the news, which also includes the fact that it will be produced by Michael “Elvis” Baskette. The project is in its “final stages” at Van Halen’s 5150 studio in California.

“It’s been a long time coming and I can’t wait for everyone to hear what I’ve been working on,” Van Halen states.

Billboard’s story says the music is “a collection of diverse material…original songs ranging from haunting ballads to stomping rock classics, on which (Van Halen) recorded all the instruments and vocals himself.” Van Halen revealed he did all the music himself, and his father once described the songs as “AC/DC meets Van Halen meets aggressive pop.” Doing all the work himself was an important aspect to the bassist, who joined his namesake band in 2006.

“I’ve always loved the whole Dave Grohl story of how he started Foo Fighters and just did a whole demo album by himself. I’d love to do that,” Van Halen said. “I feel like I can play drums, bass, guitar, kinda sing, I guess. I can kinda decide whatever I want to do. I feel like it’s just kind of open-ended. I definitely would like to be a drummer in a band at some point. There’s no limit, really.”

The project is still shrouded in mystery as no title, release date, or other details have been released. We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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